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Method and System for identifying Geographical origin based on accent of voice audio

Inventor: Abhishek Sharma
Application No.: 202011030913

The present disclosure discloses a method and system for identifying geographical origin based on accent of voice audios. The system includes an image processing unit (112) recording body language and gesture of the person during above steps and a speech processing unit (114), and a verification unit (116) for performing if the comparison of the accent of the voice of the person while responding to the redefined set of questions with the prestored accent of the native language is unsuccessful, record a plurality of voice audio samples to create a dataset based on a particular vowel in phonetics; analyze the dataset for modification, wherein the dataset is defined by a plurality of vocal measures, which
corresponds to mean, jitter absolute, jitter percentage, jitter rap, jitter PPQ, jitter DDP, shimmer absolute, shimmer percentage, shimmer APQ3, shimmer APQ5, shimmer APQ11, shimmer DDA, NHR, and HNR and normalizing the dataset.