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Guidelines for International Students

Guidelines for Admission of International Students in the Ph.D. Programme

International Students

Overseas Candidates (Foreign Nationals, Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and Non-Resident Indians (NRI)) who have qualified for a Master’s degree of an accredited foreign or Indian university/academic institution.

Students holding passports issued by foreign countries including People of Indian Origin (PIO) who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries.

Non Resident Indians (NRI): Only those Non Resident Indian students who have studied and passed the qualifying examinations from schools or colleges in foreign countries will be included as international students. This will include the students studying in the schools or colleges situated in foreign countries even if affiliated to the Boards of Higher Secondary Education or Universities located in India, but will not include students studying in those schools or colleges (situated in India) and affiliated to the Boards of Higher Secondary Education or Universities of foreign countries. Candidates applying under foreign national/NRI category shall not be considered for domestic category under any circumstances.


Students wishing to join a Ph.D. programme at LNMIIT will require a ‘Research VISA’ endorsed to this institution. The visa should be valid for the prescribed duration of the course. Visa may be obtained after issuing offer of admission.

All International Students wishing to undertake any research work or join a PhD programme will have to obtain prior security and/or political clearance as applicable from the Ministry of Home Affairs and/or Ministry of External Affairs and/or Ministry of Human Resource Development and/or Department of Secondary & Higher Education or any other institution of Government of India (GoI), as applicable, and this must be on the research visa endorsed to this institution.

Note: Admission will be provisional, till the candidate is issued a research visa endorsed to this institution and all the listed documents.

Eligibility criteria: Same as for the Indian students.

Admission procedure: Same as for the Indian students.

Fee Structure: Same as for the Indian students.

Fellowship: Same as for the Indian students.

Ph.D. regulations: Same as for Indian students.

The admission may be subject to production of following documents:

  • Offer letter
  • Receipt of fee payment (The fee has to be paid in Indian Currency or US Dollar only)
  • Photo id card (Government approved)
  • Proof of date of birth
  • Certificate of valid fellowship (such as UGC-JRF etc), if any
  • Mark-sheet/transcript of qualifying examination
  • All Mark-sheets/transcripts (Class X onwards/ Document Supporting 12 years of School Education)/6 passport size photos (Front view)
  • 6 passport size photos (Front view)
  • Copy of application form duly signed by the candidate
  • Transfer certificate from the institute last attended
  • Character certificate from the Institute last attended
  • Migration certificate((Optional/to be submitted in original)
  • Indemnity bond
  • Anti-ragging undertaking by both students and their parents(To be submitted in original)
  • Code-of-conduct undertaking by both students and their parents(To be submitted in original)
  • Duly filled Medical Examination Report including HIV, Hepatitis, Covid (To be submitted in original)
    • Student should be fully vaccinated against Covid as per GoI norms before coming to campus.
  • Equivalency certificate issued by AIU
    • (Only those Students who have qualified from foreign universities or Boards of Higher Education recognized as equivalent by the ‘Association of Indian Universities’ (AIU) are eligible for admission. The candidate has to obtain and submit a certificate to this effect from AIU by paying the requisite fee. Submission of Equivalence Certificate from AIU is mandatory for foreign nationals. AIU address is given as follows. AIU HOUSE 16, Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg, New Delhi 110002, India. Phones: (91) -11- 23230059, Website: )
    • Refugee status Certificate from UNHCR (if applicable)
  • Medical Insurance with evacuation clause
    • oIt is mandatory for all foreign nationals to get a medical insurance policy along with an evacuation clause* (wherever mandatory) for admission to Ph.D. programme valid through the entire tenure of their studies. It may also be noted that documents of medical insurance are required only at the time of admission, and is not mandatory at the time of application. An evacuation clause enables a student to claim reimbursement from the insurance agency for his/her evacuation from the country, where he/she is studying, in case he/she has to be sent back to his/her country due to medical reasons.
  • IELTS/TOEFL/ Self-certification etc. for decent knowledge of English language. It should not be older than 2 years, as on date. (The medium of Instruction at the LNMIIT is English and self-certification shall only be acceptable if there is an evidence of at least one of the preceding degrees having been completed using English as the medium of instruction)
  • Passport details (Copy of passport for foreign citizens, wherever applicable, Dual citizenship card for PIO, wherever applicable , NRI status certificate, wherever applicable
  • Financial Undertaking (A letter of recommendation from the Govt. of origin, certifying that the fees will be paid by the Govt., or A copy of the student’s bank statement showing a balance of US $ 20000)
  • Any other document, as per institute norms, as and when required.
  • Any other document as desired by any regulatory body or governmental organization from time to time.



  1. Every foreigner who is in India, for stay in excess of (90) ninety days (for purpose of other than tourism) is required to register himself/herself within (14) fourteen days of arrival in India with the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) in the place of ordinary residence and declare his/her registered address.
  2. All applicants, before as well as after the application process / admission shall be governed by any applicable Indian laws, any existing or modified rules / regulations of the Government of India, the UGC and the LNMIIT