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The LNMIIT Jaipur has developed a strong footprint in entrepreneurship and yielded several companies serving the nation in terms of job creation and revenue generation.

Networking Is the Key

Networking in college can be a key factor in achieving academic and career success, and it is something that students should actively pursue and prioritize during their college experience.


By networking, students can learn about job opportunities, internships, and other career-related information


Networking can help students to develop valuable soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills


Mentorship can be a positive and rewarding experience for both the mentor and the mentee, and can have a lasting impact on a student’s academic

Upcoming Events

These events in college can be a great way to reconnect with former classmates, network with professionals in your field, and stay connected to your alma mater.

Breaking Into Data Science: Opportunities And Requirements

Feb 10

Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Patna India will be delivering a lecture on Artificial Intelligence by Dr. C. Mohan, on Feb 2023.

How Technology Is Transforming The World Of Insurance?

Mar 15

Prof. Steven Alter, From University of San Francisco will be delivering a seminar on Relationship between work system approach and digital innovation on Feb 9th

News Highlight

Learn more about LNMIIT achievements including entrepreneurship that was developed in the institutes or several awards won by our alumni.

LNMIIT team wins Delhi round of Cerebration Quiz

Deepjyoti Kalita (Y16) and Aditya Chakraborty (Y18) have created history by winning the Holy Grail of Quizzing, Tata Crucible Campus Quiz (TCCQ) 2019. They won the National Finals and finished as runners. At 19, Aditya Chakraborty is the youngest winner of this Quiz.