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Center for Cryptology, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

What Are We Doing?

Studying Cryptology, Cybersecurity, and Digital Forensics in can be an excellent choice, especially in today's technology-driven world where security and privacy are paramount.

With the rapid growth of information technology, security and privacy are the major concern in global market. The center C3-SDF has been established keeping in view of societal, technical and legal prospective with respect to information. and cyber security. This focuses on the primary objective to bring together the researchers, educationalists and practitioners in the field of cryptology, cyber security and digital forensics.

Our Aim

Combining these three disciplines can provide you with a comprehensive skill set to address various aspects of information security.

The C3-SDF aims to:


  • Leading research and development in emerging areas of cryptography, information security, cybersecurity and digital forensics.
  • Develop and validate new techniques for securing tomorrow’s global information system infrastructure by exploring theoretical and practical applications and long-term academic research.

Industrial Collaboration

The Centre focuses on cutting-edge research and development in the relevant fields to builds next-generation expert

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Latest Research Publications

One of the best Research Centre’s where we provide solutions to Industries and Businesses and also serve human kind with our inventions.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Jayaprakash Kar, Xiaoguang Liu, Fagen Li “CL-ASS: An efficient and low-cost certificateless aggregate signature scheme for wireless sensor networks”, Journal of Information Security and Applications, Elsevier, Volume 61, 102905, September 2021.

Sivleen Kaur, Sheetal Chaturvedi, Aabha Sharma and Jayaprakash Kar, “A Research Survey on Applications of Consensus Protocols in Blockchain,, Security and Communication Networks, Hindawi & Weily, Volume 2021, https://, Jan 2021.

Consensus Protocols In Blockchain

Cryptanalysis And Improvement

Jayaprakash Kar “Cryptanalysis and Improvement of an Identity-based Proxy Multi-signature scheme, 11th International Conference of Network and Systems Security (NSS 2017), Helsenki, Finland, LNCS Springer, pp-291-300, 2017.

Center Lead

Dr. Jayaprakash Kar
Dr. Jayaprakash Kar

Associate Professor

Computer Science Engineering

Dr. Shweta Bhandari
Dr. Shweta Bhandari

Assistant Professor

Computer Science Engineering

Faculty Member

Dr.Poonam Gera

Research interest: Security in MANET, IoT Security, Android Security, Cloud Computing

Dr.Kusum Lata

Research interest – Digital System Design using FPGAs, Design for Testability, Hardware Security, Hardware Formal Verification

Dr. Mohit Gupta

Research interest: Web Security, Smart Contract Security (Blockchain/Ethereum/Solidity), Formal Verification/Program Analysis, Wireless Security

Dr. Vineeta Jain

Research interest: Network Security, Security Protocols Design & Analysis, Applied Cryptography, Mobile Security

Dr. Nilotpal Chakraborty

Research interest: Smart energy management and scheduling, privacy preserving demand response in smart grid, blockchain in energy marke

Our Projects

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