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Centre for Material Science and Nano Electronics

What Are We Doing?

Centre for Robotics and Industrial Automation (CRIA) in the Department of Mechanical-Mechatronics Engineering, announced in January 2018.

Our Aim

The Centre for Material Science and Nano Electronics aims to:

  • The Centre will focus on the R&D programs in the emerging research area of material science and technology to develop new materials, process methodologies, and technologies leading to the development of fast-speed electronic and optoelectronic devices to be employed in information technology and telecommunication through cutting-edge research in nanoelectronics, developing device for meeting the societal requirement in the country and creating the facilities of materials development and characterization and device fabrication.
  • The thrust area includes energy storage, energy conversion, supercapacitors, flexible electronics, sensor materials, green materials, nanomaterials and their applications, nano-photonics, polymers for photonics, photonics sensors, organic electronics, computational nanoelectronics and displays.

Industrial Collaboration

This collaboration involves companies working together to develop, manufacture, and deploy new technologies and solutions for automation and robotics.

Latest Research Publications

One of the best Research Centre’s where we provide solutions to Industries and Businesses and also serve human kind with our inventions.

Our People

Prof. Ganesh Datt Sharma
Prof. Ganesh Datt Sharma

Emeritus Professor


Our Projects

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