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Centre for Next Generation Communication Networks

What Are We Doing?

This centre is at the forefront of exploring and developing advanced communication systems to meet the growing demands of the digital age.

It is a multi-disciplinary Centre working at the intersection of Communication Technology, Radio Physics and Computer Science mainly focusing on xG Wireless Systems and Networks, Software Defined Networking and Wireless Data Analytics. Through this centre, a strong team comprising of interested/ involved faculty, research scholars, and students is being developed for interactive, jointly steered and highly coordinated research efforts to undertake next-generation challenges in the converged areas of Communication.

Our Aim

It plays a critical role in driving innovation, creating solutions for real-world challenges and contributing to the advancement of communication and networking

The C-NGCN aims to:


  • Developing and optimizing communication protocols, algorithms, and architectures to enhance data transmission speed, reliability, and security..
  • Leading research and development in next- generation wireless communication and networking, pioneering new concepts, technologies, and applications for better living experiences.

Industrial Collaboration

It provides a platform for students and researchers to delve into cutting-edge technologies and shape the future of communication and networking.

New And Next Generation Radio

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Advanced Photonic Communication

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Recent Trends In Wireless Networks

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Latest Research Publications

Fostering an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurial ventures related to communication and networking.

Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition

Saboo, S., Singha, J. and Laskar, R.H., 2022. Dynamic hand gesture recognition using combination of two-level tracker and trajectory-guided features. Multimedia Systems, 28(1), pp.183-194.

Gupta, A., Sharma, N., Jain, M. and Garg, P., 2022. Multihop underwater optical wireless communication system for internet of underwater things applications. International Journal of Communication Systems, p.e5041.

Wireless Communication System

Emerging Telecommunications Technologies

Makkar, R., Soni, S., Rawal, D., Sharma, N. and Garg, P., Performance analysis of non-orthogonal multiple access assisted cooperative maritime communication system over two-wave with diffuse power fading. Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, p.e4477.

Center Leads

Prof. Ranjan Gangopadhyay
Prof. Ranjan Gangopadhyay

Research Professor

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr. Anirudh Agarwal
Dr. Anirudh Agarwal

Assistant Professor

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Associated Faculty Members

Prof. Raghuvir Tomar


Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr. Divyang Rawal

Associate Professor 

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr. Soumitra Debnath

Associate Professor

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr. Joyeeta Singha

Assistant Professor

Electronics and Communication Engineering


Aditya Singh Sengar

Bhupendra Sharma

Manoj Kumar Sain

Payal Mittal


Prof. A. Chockalingam

IISc Bangalore

Prof. Peter Cockrane

University of Suffolk, UK

Prof. Giancarlo Prati

Former Director, CNIT, Pisa

Prof. Rajeev Shorey



Prof. Antonella Bogoni

Director, CNIT, Pisa, Italy

Prof. Shankar Prakriya

IIT Delhi

Prof. Parul Garg

NSIT, Delhi

Dr. Deepak Mishra

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Our Projects

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