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Let’s build a center of excellence that inspires innovation, fosters creativity, and empowers the next generation of leaders at LNMIIT!


Become a best computing service provider in technical higher education sector


Provide computing infrastructure services and address the requirements of Institute Teaching & Learning and Research of faculty and students to facilitate them to become increasingly efficient and effective in their chosen field.

Our Services

Surveillance Services

    • Design, deployment, access and maintenance of CCTV surveillance system
    • All important buildings and areas are under surveillance with
    • 180 IP CCTV cameras.
    • 100 TB storage space available to store recorded data for one months
    • A separate surveillance monitoring room with four display with size of 2×2 (55” x 4) and a high-end video processing server
    • Telephony support
    • Public Addressing System: Audio Visual service
    • Video Conferencing service
    • Smart classroom support
    • Alcatel Lucent IPBAX to support
    • All 17 lecture halls and 14 Labs are equipped with the Audio-Visual facility
    • Four physical Video conferencing setups, and virtually all lecture halls can be used for video conferencing service.
    • One lecture hall with full smart classroom support
      Proprietary lecture recording solution with adequate storage facility

Communication Services

Web Services

    • Institute Website design, deployment, maintenance and periodic update
    • Individual and Department/ Section/ Centre/ Research Group Web Page Hosting
    • Email service, Group mail service
    • FTP
    • Website is hosted in cloud and maintained by third party
    • Google workspace is implemented to support email and collaborative activity
    • Open-source FTP service for data distribution available for faculty, students, and staff
    • ERP/MIS
    • Biometric Attendance service
    • LMS- Moodle, google classroom
    • Third party ERP server implementation
    • Attendance service for staff and students
    • In house LMS server maintained by LUCS

E-Governance Services

Computing Services

Infrastructure facilities: Super computing facility, High Performance Computing, GPU Computing
Software Services: MATLAB, Turnitin, Scopus, Grammarly

The computing resources include 25 high-end servers including Nvidia Supercomputing, HPC, GPU, NAS, SAN, Servers and workstations.

  • Installation, Configuration, Updation of Servers
  • Server hosting like DSpace for library
  • UTM/ Firewall/ Antivirus system or any other system security service
  • Software support system

System Services

Network Services

  • Internet connectivity
  • Wi-Fi
  • LAN
  • Internet Connectivity:
  • Network connectivity through two ISPs
  • NKN with 1 Gbps
  • Jio leased line with 1Gbps
  • The LNMIIT network is protected under checkpoint UTM device.
  • Campus Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Access and Account
  • End user network support
  • End user computing hardware and software support
  • Nine support engineers available from 8 AM to 6 PM except Sundays/Holidays

Helpdesk Services

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Centre Leads

Dr. Gaurav Chatterjee
Dr. Gaurav Chatterjee

Assistant Professor

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr. Varun Kumar Sharma
Dr. Varun Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor

Computer Science Engineering

Team Members

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma

System Administrator

Mr. Bhawani Shankar Sharma

JTS Programmer

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