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Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

About Laboratory

Name of Laboratory:Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Year of Establishment:
Faculty In – change:Dr. Joyeeta Singha
Technical Staff :Mr. Kushamakar Sharma
Sl. No. Department Name(s) of Equipment Quantity Make Model
1 ECE DSP Starter Kits 7 Texas Instruments TMS320SC5416
2 ECE DSP Starter Kits 6 Scientech Instruments TMS320SC6713
3 ECE Zed Board with LTE Antena 1 Avnet Technology AES-Z7EV-7Z020-G
4 ECE Desktop Computer 35 HP Intel Core i7 CPU 3.60 GHz, INA525XW2P
5 ECE Desktop Computer 5 Wipro Intel Pentium P4, CPU 3 Ghz
6 ECE Desktop Computer 5 HP Intel Core i7 CPU 3.60 GHz,
7 ECE COMSOL Software 1 COMSOL version 6.1
8 ECE Printer 1 HP MFPM227 SDN
9 ECE Projector 1 EPSON EB-945H
10 ECE HDMI Monitor 2 Dell S2218H (21.5 inch)
11 ECE DSP Evaluation Module 2 Texas Instruments TMS320C6678
12 ECE MATLAB Software 40 MATLAB 2023b
13 ECE DSP Evaluation Module 6 Texas Instruments TMS320C6678
14 ECE DSP Evaluation Module 12 Texas Instruments TMS320C6679
15 ECE Zybo Z7-10 40 Digilent Zynq 7000 ARMFPGA Soc development board
16 ECE TUL PYNQ TM-Z2 board 14 Xilinx Zynq SoC

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