The LNM Institute of Information Technology

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Under Graduate

Core Courses

Name of the course Code
Psychology, Technology and Society HSS203
Technical Communication in English ENG105(B)
Economics for Engineers HSS204
Value Education and Ethics HSS102
Introduction to Psychology HSS202

Elective Courses

Name of the course Code
Contemporary Indian Women Writings HSS4151
Contemporary Fiction of South Asian Diaspora HSS3102
An Introduction to Cultural Studies HSS4171
Memory in South Asian Literature MSAL
Business Skills & Soft Skills HSS4021
Basics of Finance & Soft Skills HSS4111
International Economics & Soft Skills HSS4082
International Economics & Finance HSS3112
Applied Economics HSS4161
Understanding Economic Policy Making HSS4172
Introduction to Corpus Pragmatics HSS4072
Language, Linguistics and Social Media HSS4112
Communication Skills for Professionals HSS4152
Cross cultural Communication HSS4181
International Business Communication IBC
Economic Development of India HSS4092
Macro Economics for Managers HSS3101
Earth Economics HSS4182
Aspects of Self: Theory and Application
Organizational Behaviour: Human Psycholgy at Work HSS4032
Modernism: Literary Representations HSS4011
Indian Modernity: Text and Context HSS4062
Cinema and Indian Society HSS4131
Gender in Indian Literature and Film HSS4122
Communication Skills for Professionals HSS4152
Consumer Psychology HSS4132
Social Psychology HSS4142

Ph.D. Programme

Name of the course Code
Contemporary Theory: Poststructuralism,Psychoanalysis, Marxism, Feminism and Postcolonialism HSS7022
Understanding Approaches and Praxis of Cultural Studies HSS7052
Econometrics: Theory and Applications ECOTA
Praxis in English as a Second Language
Applied Linguistics and TESOL HSS7021
Issues in Economic Development IED
Psychology of Technology HSS7032
Pivotal Theories in Psychology HSS7031
Technical Writing and Research Methodology HSS6011
Research Publication and Ethics HSS7012
Research Methodology HSS7011