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Dr. Usha Kanoongo

Conference Papers
  • Positioning translanguaging within the Swabhasha-English binaries of language teaching in India at the “Sociolinguistic Symposium-24” at Ghent University, Belgium, during 13-16 July 2022.
    (Sociolinguistic Symposium is a Tier-1 conference in sociolinguistics being held biennially since 1976)
  • The pragmatics of translanguaging in Indian social media at the 17th International Pragmatics Conference at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland (online) during 27 June – 02 July 2021.
    (IPrA is a Tier-1 conference of the International Pragmatics Association being held biennially since 1985)
  • Multilingualism and hybridity in online interactions: A translanguaging perspective at the “Sociolinguistic Symposium-23” at Hong Kong University (online) during 7- 10 June 2021.
  • “Ethnographic perspective on linguistic hybridity in Indian WhatsApp group-chats” presented at the Explorations in Ethnography, Language and Communication (EELC) Conference 2018 at the University of Edinburgh, UK, during September, 20-21, 2018.
  • “Fostering Sociolinguistics for Cultural Awareness in ESL Classrooms” presented at the Fourth International Conference of ELT@I (English Language Teacher’s Association of India held at Kanoria College, Jaipur, during October 30-31, 2017.
  • “The pragmatics of linguistic hybridity online: Examining Romanagari on WhatsApp by Indian university students” presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL) at the University of Leeds, UK, during August 31- September 2, 2017.
Book Chapter
  1. Kanoongo, Usha (2017) Promoting Pragmatic Perceptiveness of ESL Learners: A 4I Model. In S. Arora (ed.) English from Classes to Masses. Newcastle: Cambridge Students Press, UK. (12-21).
Journal Paper
  1. “Sociolinguistic Functions of Romanagari in Indian Computer Mediated Discourse”, in the Journal of Rajasthan Association for Studies in English (RASE) Vol 12. ISSN 0975-3419.


Dr. Payel Pal

Journal Publications
  1. “‘I am trapped here’: Female Body and Violence in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Joyce Carol Oates’s Blonde.” The Atlantic Literary Review 20.1 (66- 88) MAR 2019
  2. “Postcolonial Disjuncture: Kashmir as the ‘Other’ in Basharat Peer’s Curfewed Night.” The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. (Sage Publications- SCOPUS- Q1) Published Online on 9 March 2021.
  3. “Nostalgia, Identity, and Homeland: Reading the narratives of the diaspora in Susan Abulhawa’s fiction.” The Journal of Postcolonial Writings 57.1 (January 2021): 47-59 (Francis and Taylor; SCOPUS-Q1)
  4. “Room (Un)occupied: Repression, Precarity and Autonomy in Sadia Abbas’s The Empty Room”. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific 47(1): 1-19 JULY  2022 (with Dr. Goutam Karmakar), (Indexed in Web of Science)
  5. “Framing the Feminist Horror: Repression, Revenge, and Retaliation in Stree (2018) and Bulbbul (2020)” Quarterly Review of Film and Video (Taylor and Francis; Scopus Q1)  (with Dr. Goutam Karmakar) published online on 5 Aug 2022.
Book Chapter

“Differing Versions of Masculinity/ Femininity: Disrupting the Hegemonic Representations in Contemporary Bollywood Films” in Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Gender and Culture in Contemporary Literature. New Delhi: Authors Press


Article in Popular Media

The Great Rat Race: Takeaways from the Pandemic in Live Wire (published online on 28 April 2020)

Dr. Rajbala Singh

Journal Publications [2016 onwards]

Singh, R., & Malik, A. (2022). Lived Experiences of Healthcare Professionals During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: A Qualitative Exploration. In Bowers, C.A., Beidel, D.C., Marks, M.R., Horan, K. & Bowers, J.C. (Eds.), Mental Health and Wellness in Healthcare Workers: Identifying Risks, Prevention, and Treatment (pp. 1-23). IGI Global.

Singh, C. & Singh, R. (2021): The mediating effect of psychological empowerment on the relationship between workplace spirituality and organizational citizenship behavior: An investigation among school teachers. Published in the 8th International HR Conference and Workshop. ISBN: 978-81-951906-4-5

Munderia R., Singh R. (2021) The Mediating Effect of Smartphone Addiction on the Relationship Between Social Skills and Psychological Well-Being. In: Stephanidis C., Antona M., Ntoa S. (eds) HCI International 2021 – Posters. HCII 2021.

Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 1421. Springer, Cham.

Munderia, R. & Singh, R. (2019): The Relationship between Social Skills and Perceived Smartphone Usage. Journal of Psychological Research, 14(1), 201-210.

Munderia, R. & Singh, R. (2018): Mobile phone dependence and psychological wellbeing among young adults, 14 (2), 321-332.

Singh, R. (2017). Common sense model of illness representations: Issues and implications. In Dixit, S. & Sharma, A.K. (Eds.), Psycho-social Aspects of Health and Illness (pp. 60-77). New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. ISBN-13: 978- 93-5125-276-4

Singh, R. (2017). Mediating effect of work motivation on leadership style and organizational commitment. Published in the proceedings of International Conference on Research and Sustainability (ICRBS) . ISBN: 978-93-86238-38-2.

Singh, R., Goyal, A. & Agarwal, P. (2016). Making sense of social media: A qualitative exploration. Management Speak.

Dr. Surinder Singh Nehra

Singh, Ummed and Nehra, Surinder Singh (2018), Structural Changes in Indian Economy: Emerging Patterns and Implications, In Sharma, Seema (ed.), Transformation of India, RBD Publishing House, Jaipur, ISBN: 978-93-87178-33-5, pp-298-314.

Nehra, Surinder Singh & Ummed Singh, Impact of Globalisation on Social Security: A Case Study of Army PBOR, Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 8(2): April- June, 2017 ISSN – 0975 – 6795 (Print) 2321– 5828 (online).

Prof. Manju Dhariwal

Journal and Conference Papers

Manju Dhariwal, “Gendering Migration: Women, Migration, and Marginality,” as part of the panel session titled, “Migration from Northeast India: Vicissitudes and Viabilities” in the MLA International Symposium, “Being Hospitable: Languages and Cultures across Borders,” in Glasgow, Scotland (2-4 June 2022).

Manju Dhariwal, “Representations of Desert and Forest Biomes in the Fiction of Michael Ondaatje” in XXIV International Conference on Environmental Humanities: Living in Critical Zones organized by Forum on Contemporary Theory Baroda, India in collaboration with International Lincoln Center for American Studies, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, USA in Goa from 24-26 February, 2022

Aditi Swami, Manju Dhariwal. “Examining the Shifting Paradigms of Bhakti and Sanskrit Literature through Poetry of Jayadeva and Dadu” in Rupkatha Journal, Vol 13, No.3., 2021.

Manju Dhariwal, “Women and Agency in Bankim’s Rajmohan’s Wife and Tagore’s The Home and The World”, Rupkatha Journal, Volume 12, Number 5, 2020, 10.21659/rupkatha.v12n5.rioc1s16n3

Manju, Dhariwal. “Technological Ascendancy and Changing Values from Industrial to            Posthuman Age: A Reflection” in Journal of Literature and Aesthetics, an International Peer-Reviewed Journal, Vol. 18, Number 1, Jan-June- 2018, pp. 21-33. ISSN- 2278-523X

Dhariwal, Manju “Teaching Indian Literature to Engineering Students: Challenges and Opportunities,” in 2020 Annual SALA conference, South Asia in the Academy: Classroom Practices, Professional Citizenship, and Intellectual Agency, held in Seattle, January 7-9, 2020.

Manju Dhariwal. ‘Gender, Nation and Narration: A Critical Rereading of Alka Saraogi’s Kalikatha: Via Bypass’ in XXI International Conference on ‘Revisiting Cosmopolitanism’ jointly organized by Forum on Contemporary Theory, Baroda, Gujarat, India and Louisiana State University, Shreveport, USA   held from 18-21 Dec 2018  in Puri, Orissa.

Manju Dhariwal. ‘Feminism across Borders: Gender Identity and the Politics of Space – Reading   Geetanjali Shree’s Mai and Rama Mehta’s Inside the Haveli’ in XX International Conference on ‘The Humanities Across Cultures’ jointly organized by Forum on Contemporary Theory, Baroda, Gujarat, India and Louisiana State University, Shreveport, USA and Princeton African Humanities Colloquium, Princeton University, USA  held from 17-20 Dec 2017  in Gopalpur-on-Sea, Orissa.

Manju Dhariwal. ‘Culture and the Social Construction of Gender: Teaching literature in a Multicultural classroom’ in Fourth International conference on “English in Multicultural Classrooms: Perspectives, Prospects, Possibilities’   organized by ELTAI Rajasthan: Jaipur Chapter on 30-31 Oc. 2017.

Sponsor Research Projects

Title of the Project Funding Agency Name of PI/ Co-PI Funding Amount Duration Status
Evaluation Study on Schedule Castes Sub-Plan (TSP) component of Serva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rashtriya Uchchtar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) University of Rajasthan, RUSA 2.0 Dr. Surinder Singh Nehra Rs. 1,71,97,000.00 2021-22 In Progress
Tracing the Faultliness of Ethnic Conflict in the Postcolonial Indian Subcontinent: Narrative as a Socio-Political Discourse ICSSR, Govt. of India Dr. Narendra Kumar Rs. 8,00,000.00 2014-2016 Completed