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Department of Mechanical- Mechatronics Engineering

The main aim of the department of Mechanical-Mechatronics Engineering (MME) is to provide the students with a broad base understanding of mechanical engineering and advanced knowledge in fields like mechatronics, automobile, computer integrated and advanced manufacturing, Nano-technology, etc. The graduates of department can pursue various career options like design, production, development, sales, research, management or maintenance. The graduates of the department will be employable in a wide variety of organizations in India and Abroad in industries such as: Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, Biomedical Engineering, Business and Management, Construction, Product development, Education, Energy engineering, Manufacturing and automation, Marine engineering, Mining, and Research and Development.


The MME Department offers B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering) and PhD programmes (as of now, although more programmes are in the planning stage). The MME team consists of young and energetic faculty members having adequate academic and industrial experience.


Be recognized globally for quality education and research, transforming students into industry- ready engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs.


  • Impart quality education and research aptitude to create, analyze, apply, and disseminate knowledge.
  • Collaborate with R&D organizations, educational institutions & industries to emphasize practical applications, generate new ideas & develop innovative solutions.
  • Provide an academic ecosystem to ensure excellence, leadership, ethics, and problem-solving skills.


  • Graduates will recognise that they have obtained a high quality and rigorous technical education that is enriched by a flexible curriculum and research opportunities.
  • Graduates will have applied their education to pursue successful career paths in Mechanical Engineering or an allied profession.
  • Graduates will interact with their peers in other disciplines in industry and society and contribute to the economic growth of the country.
  • Graduates will be successful in pursuing higher studies in engineering or management in India and Abroad.

Student Chapters

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a professional association that, in its own words, “promotes the art, science, and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe” via “continuing education, training and professional development, codes and standards, research, conferences and publications, government relations, and other forms of outreach. ASME is thus an engineering society, a standards organization, a research and development organization, an advocacy organization, a provider of training and education, and a non-profit organization. Founded as an engineering society focused on mechanical engineering in North America, ASME is today multidisciplinary and global.

ASME, LNMIIT student chapter is quite conclusively a community of the students, for the students and by the students. ASME, LNMIIT primarily aims to equip the students with all the artillery required to sustain the engaging warfare and cutthroat antagonism of industrial and corporate world. ASME serves this wide-ranging technical community through quality programs in continuing education, codes and standards, conferences and publications, research work. ASME LNMIIT has achieved many awards in past three years.

Society of Automotive Engineers, LNMIIT Jaipur, a collegiate chapter of SAE India was established in Oct 2015 by the collective efforts of a group of students with a strong urge to complement the theoretical knowledge imparted in classrooms, emphasizing on the practical aspects of engineering. Their idea to develop an automotive culture revolutionized the institute and SAE LNMIIT Jaipur started with an initial strength of over 50 student members and 6 faculty Members. One of the most important qualities of SAE LNMIIT Jaipur is its diversity with students from almost all departments of the institute.

We strongly believe that any passionate student of the institute can be a participating member of such a chapter. It provides a platform for students to share and increase their engineering know-how through increased interaction between students at all levels via group activity, lectures, workshops, brainstorming sessions and many institute level competitions. We hope that LNMIIT Jaipur will act as a strong unifying force amongst Industry, Institute and above all students.

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Department Directory

S/No. Name Designation Office Extension No. Office Room No. Email ID Mobile No.


1. Dr. Mohit Makkar Assistant Professor & HOD 6360 2136 9212627275
2. Dr. Vikram Sharma Associate Professor 6359 3134 9521079472
3. Dr. Kamal Kishore Khatri Associate Professor 6357 2134 9414961287
4. Dr. Manoj Kumar Associate Professor 6358 2133 9602739703
5. Dr. Deepak Rajendra Unune Assistant Professor 6361 3133 8947965681
6. Dr. Ashok Kumar Dargar Associate Professor 6356 2135 9829686661
7. Dr. Vikas Sharma Assistant Professor 6363 2133 9039348751
8. Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Agnihotri Assistant Professor 6362 2128 9935947671
9. Dr. Atul Mishra Assistant Professor 6365 3137 8017119793
10. Dr. Praveen Kr. Sharma Assistant Professor 6366 2137 8309589507
11. Prof. Sunil Pandey Distinguished Professor 6368 2133 +91 9868113636
12. Dr. Bharat Singh Assistant Professor Old Incubation, MME 9960759734
13. Dr. Sandeep Singh Shekhawat Assistant Professor (on contract) 6369 Old Incubation, MME 8764062051

Technical Staff

1. Mr. Sandeep Kumar Saxena Technical Superintendent 6376 1130 9461309554
2. Mr. Bhagwan Singh Technical Superintendent 6375 Workshop 9928434568
3. Mr. Satyanarayan Prajapat Technical Superintendent 6379 1131 8432244591
4. Mr. Udayveer Singh Junior Technical Superintendent 6378/6377 2131 7073345226
5. Mr. Satish Yadav Junior Technical Superintendent 6375 Workshop 9468667296