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Automotive Engineering Laboratory

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Name of Laboratory:Automotive Engineering Lab
Year of Establishment:2015-16
Faculty In-change:Dr. Vikas Sharma
Technical Staff:Mr. Tej Bahadur Yadav
Sr.NoName of EquipmentGeneric purpose of equipmentMake
1.Flex ECU Application SoftwareDevelopment of model engine system such as Engine Management System, Intake Manifold System, Exhaust Manifold SystemETAS AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PRICSTE LIMITED
2.Desktop HousingHIL of engine measurement system and vehicle system such as ABS, EPS and Electronic Throttle ControlETAS AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PRICSTE LIMITED
3.Internal Combustion Engine ApplicationStudy the performance of engineETAS AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PRICSTE LIMITED
4.Can Card, Galv. IsolatedCommunication between engine and system/breakout boxETAS AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PRICSTE LIMITED
5.Flex ECU Based On The Gasoline ECUInterfacing between automotive sensors and actuators with application softwareETAS AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PRICSTE LIMITED
6.Connector Set For Development ECUMaking electric connection between various sensors and actuators.ETAS AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PRICSTE LIMITED
7.Can Bus USB ModuleCommunication between ECU and systemETAS AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PRICSTE LIMITED
8.Raspberry Pi-3 Model B/ArduinoInterfacing between Model Based Design of ABS, EPS, Power window, etc. with actual hardwareETAS AUTOMOTIVE INDIA PRICSTE LIMITED
9.VectorCalibration and measurement of vehicle parameters such as acceleration, velocity with respect to time.VECTOR INFORMATIK GmbH
10.Battery ChargerBattery charging for electric vehicleARIHANT ENTERPRISES
11.ABS SimulatorFor the study of ABS functionIn-house Fabricated
12.ECU SimulatorTo understand the function of ECU in virtual environmentIn-house Fabricated
13.Electronic Throttle Control With Accelerator Pedal RigTo understand the function of Electronic Throttle Control in virtual environmentIn-house Fabricated
14.Electric VanFor understanding the performance of Electric VehicleIn-house Fabricated
15.2 DOF Vehicle Driving SimulatorTo study the driving behaviour of vehicle in virtual environmentIn-house Fabricated
16.Maruti-Van Engine Test RigTo understand the function of Engine and its sensors and actuatorsIn-house Fabricated

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