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Name of Laboratory:Engineering Workshop
Year of Establishment:2015
Faculty In – change:Dr. Manoj Kumar
Technical Staff:Mr. Bhagwan Singh
Sr.NoName of EquipmentGeneric purpose of equipmentMakeModel/version
1.SAW (Submerge Arc Welding) with CPRA 800 (s) + SAW Tractor (CPRA-S)Welding, surfacing & gougingESAB India limitedCPRA800(S)1620652100 Saw tractorly4620649225
2.MIG WELDING (WARRIOR 400i CC/CV, WARRIOR FEED 402, CON SET FEED 402, 5M)Welding and surfacingESAB India limited0465350980 warrior 400i
0465250980 warrior feed 402
0700301302 con set feed 402
3.CAPSTAN LATHETurning, Parting, Knurling, Centre, drilling, Threading, etc.BRAVO IndustriesSpindle Dia. 28mm collet Cap
4.LATHE MACHINE (NORTON GEAR)Facing, Turning, Threading, Drilling, Boring, Knurling, etc.BRAVO IndustriesLathe bed 4′.6″ width of bed 12″ spindle hollow 2″
5.MILLING MACHINEDifferent Types Of Gear Cutting, Facing Of Gear, Keyways Cutting Etc.BRAVO IndustriesColumn & Knee Type Universal Horizontal
6.SHAPER MACHINEKeyway, Dovetail Slides, Internal Splines, Finishing, Etc.BRAVO IndustriesStroke length 18”
7.SURFACE GRINDING MACHINESurface Finishing (Flat, Square And Rectangle)BRAVO IndustriesHead Movement 6”X18” Vertical Feed 0.01mm cross Feed 0.05mm
8.SEMI-AUTOMATIC POLISHING MACHINEPolishingChennai MetcoBAINPOL-SA with Feather touch Board
9.HYDRAULIC SPECIMEN MOUNTING PRESSPreparation of specimen mouldChennai MetcoBAINMOUNT-II
10.METALLURGICAL MICROSCOPE WITH SOFTWAREGrain size image analysis with magnification 50x, 100xMetjiMetji-inverted/Japanese

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