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Fluid Mechanics and Machines Laboratory

About Laboratory

Name of Laboratory:Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab
Year of Establishment:2015
Faculty In-change:Dr. Kamal Kishore Khatri
Technical Staff:Sandeep Kumar Saxena
Sr.NoName Of EquipmentGeneric Purpose of EquipmentMakeModel/Version
1.Metacentric Height ApparatusDetermining the Metacentric height of a given floating bodyEIENA
2.Bernoulli’s Theorem ApparatusValidation of Bernoulli’s TheoremEIEVIPL-FM-7002
3.Flow Measuring ApparatusCalibration and Study of different flow metersEIEVIPL-FM-7011
4.Pipe Friction Loss ApparatusDetermining Fluid friction factorEIEVIPL-FM-7004
5.Orifice Meter ApparatusDetermining of Hydraulic Co -efficientsEIEVIPL-FM-7009
6.Centrifugal Pump Test RigTo Study the performance of a given pumpEIEVIPL-FM-7019
7.Francis Turbine Test RigTo study the operation of Francis turbineEIENA
8.Kaplan Turbine Test RigTo study the operation of Kaplan TurbineEIENA
9.Pelton Wheel Turbine Test RigTo study the operation of Pelton wheel turbineEIENA
10.AnemometerMeasurement of wind speedLutronAVM07/AM-4202
11.Micro Processor Based Turbidity & Temperature MeterPrecise Turbidity and Temperature measurements instrumentSky TechCT1-407

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