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Name of Laboratory:Heat Transfer Lab
Year of Establishment:2015
Faculty In-change:Dr. Praveen Kumar Sharma
Technical Staff:Mr. Sandeep Kumar Saxena
Sr.NoName of EquipmentGeneric purpose of equipmentMakeModel/version
1.Heat Transfer in Natural ConvectionTo study the heat transfer in natural convection.K.C. EngineersModel No. KCHT-052
2.Heat Transfer in Forced ConvectionTo study the heat transfer in Forced convection.K.C. EngineersModel No. KCHT-051
3.Parallel Flow/Counter Flow Heat ExchangerTo study the heat transfer phenomena in parallel/counter flow arrangements.K.C. EngineersModel No. KCHT-011
4.Stefan Boltzmann’s ApparatusTo study the radiation heat transfer by black body and to study the effect of hemisphere temperature on it.K.C. EngineersModel No KCHT-072
5.Emissivity Measurement ApparatusTo study the radiation heat transfer by black plate and test plateK.C. EngineersModel No KCHT-071
6.Thermal Conductivity of Metal RodTo study the heat transfer through conduction in metal rodK.C. EngineersModel No. KCHT-034
7.Thermal Conductivity of LiquidsTo study the heat transfer through liquidK.C. EngineersModel No. KCHT-033
8.Heat Pipe DemonstratorTo demonstrate the super thermal conductivity of heat pipe and to compare its working with best conductorK.C. EngineersModel No. KCHT-003
9.Condensation in Drop Wise Film Wise Forms With Mini Steam Boiler And Pressure Release ValveTo determine the overall Heat Transfer Coefficient of both Drop and Film wise Condensation.TECH-EDHSN Code -90
10.Test Rig To Check CHF Performance on Nanostructures SurfaceFinding critical heat flux point for a given metal wire.AvishkarNA
11.Two Phase Heat Transfer Apparatus (Boiling Heat Transfer Unit)To study the two phase heat transfer phenomena for pool boiling of Methylane Chloride.TECH-EDHSN Code -90
12.Data acquisition System 16 channel To measure the physical characteristicsKey sight34972A
13.Flow Metering SystemTo measure the volume or mass of liquidDewpondUIP-1600D-PMH
14.Refrigeration Test Rig (Charged with nano-refrigerant)To conduct experiments and demonstrate the process of cooling of waterCVGQo8437
15.Test Rig on Boiling Heat TransferTo study the boiling heat transferCUSTOMIZED
16.Jet Impingement Cooling Test RigFor improving the temperature uniformityCUSTOMIZED
17.Refrigerated / Heating CirculatorTo temperature control cooling applications.JulaboFP50
18.Ultrasonic liquid ProcessorTo agitate particles in solutionJohnsonULP-1000
19.Micro pumpMiniature fluid delivery deviceRotomotiveEFF2

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