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Material Characterization Laboratory

About Laboratory

Name of Laboratory:Material Characterization Lab
Year of Establishment:2015-16
Faculty In-change:Dr. Ashok Kr Dargar
Technical Staff:Mr. Satyanarayan Prajapat
Sr.NoName of EquipmentGeneric purpose of equipmentMakeModel/version
1.Computerised Universal Testing Machine: Spec. 60TTo determine tensile strength, compressive strength & bending strength of given material.Blue Star LimitedIE-BSUT-60-FD
2.Brinell Hardness TesterTo determine Brinell hardness number of given material.Blue Star Limited1E-B-3000(O)
3.Rockwell Hardness TesterTo determine Rockwell hardness of given material.Blue Star Limited1E-RAS
4.Digital Impact Testing Machine For Charpy & Izod Test (Toughness Test)To determine toughness property of materialBlue Star Limited1E-IT-30(D)
5.Pin On Disc Wear Testing MachineTo determine metal to metal wear rate
6.ERICHSEN Cupping Tester Model ECTo determine formability of materialBlue Star LimitedIE-ET-20
7.Torsional Testing M/CTo determine torsional rigidity of MaterialASI Sale Private India LimitedAMT3
8.Digital Fatigue Testing MachineTo determine fatigue characteristics of materialAshian Engineers Company India

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