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Thermodynamics Laboratory

About Laboratory

Name of Laboratory:Thermodynamics Lab
Year of Establishment:2017
Faculty In-change:Dr. Praveen Kumar Sharma
Technical Staff:Mr. Sandeep Kumar Saxena
Sr.NoName of EquipmentGeneric purpose of equipmentMakeModel/version
1.Red Wood Oil Viscometer With digital temp. IndicatorCompare the viscosities of different liquid.NebulaModel No.IP-70
2.Vapor Absorption Refrigeration Test RigTo calculate the C.O.P. of vapor absorption refrigeration systemNebula
3.PycnometerFor measuring the density of given solid and liquidScientificModel No. EN ISO3675
4.Transys SoftwareTo conduct transient condition modeling and simulation studies on Trnsys software.Thermal Energy systemSuite -370,Madison,WI53703
5.Solar Power MeterTo measure solar power or sunlight in units of W/m2TenmarsTM-207
6.Test Rig to Study Psychometric PropertiesTo Study the Psychometric PropertiesElernalEEE/IN?20

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