The LNM Institute of Information Technology

Digital Twin System for Automatic Indoor Localization and Control Through ISM Band Signals

Inventor: Abhishek Sharma
Application No.: 202141026735
The system is developed for smart home environment with indoor localization and to auto control the
electrical and electronics usage of user based on estimating the necessity of electronic
appliances/equipment’s such as AC, fridge, fans, lights, and ventilation using digital-twin technology. The
working principle is to monitor the presence of user holding one module which is paired with
router/service provider either a Wi-Fi or any ISM band-based communication protocol. Once the module
is paired it will continuously check the signal strength and generate a numeric value which represents
the signal strength at the users current local. Different values will be generated based on availability of
user. For example, the signal value will be different when user is present in the kitchen area compared to
when user is in drawing room. The system will help in automatic home automation and energy control
also it facilitates user to automatically turn on and off the equipment’s based on the present