The LNM Institute of Information Technology

Dual Mode Automated Rotary Radial Parking System Using Hydraulics and Sensing Devices

Inventor: Abhishek Sharma
Application No.: 201941026234
As the population of cities across the world is growing day by day and parking of citizen vehicles is
becoming very difficult, so as to resolve and provide smooth parking for the vehicle a new latest system
with modern concept is designed. The system basically uses very less space for parking and the parking
of vehicle can be done with the help of a driver or without the driver. The system basically works in dual
mode. The system is equipped with multiple sensors which basically are used to detect the vehicle and
the free parking lot for the vehicle to be parked. This will help the citizens and administrative authorities
to have multiple parking system installed at many space as the system which is designed uses very less
amount of space. i The vehicle to be parked will enter in the parking system designed at ground floor
from any side and-then the same vehicle will move on to the hydraulic lift erected in the system. The
driver can leave the vehicle and then the vehicle can be parked as per the availability of parking lots. The
number of occupied and free parking lots , are maintained in the system. Once the vehicle moves on the
lift then the rotary lift will move to an area and floor where the parking lot is free, by detecting the same
with the help of various sensors placed at the parking lot and on the lift. The lift can have the facility to
lift multiple vehicle at the same time. The authority can collect the charges for the same based on the
amount of time used for parking. The system will also provide the details of the vehicle which I parked by
sending a message to the vehicle owner which can be traced using the vehicle number.